All £8

Happy Hour 10pm – 1am: £6.50


Cosmopolitan – Absolute Citron, Cointreau, lime & cranberry Juice

Tommy’s Margarita – Cazcabel Blanco tequila, Agave syrup & lime Juice

Negroni – Beefeater gin, Martini Rosso, Campari (old fashioned)

Amaretto Sour – Dissaronno amaretto, lemon & pineapple Juice (old fashioned)

Long Island Iced Tea – Absolute Blue vodka, Beefeater gin, Havana 3 YR rum, Cointreau, Cazcabel Blanco tequila, lemon Juice topped with Pepsi (vg)

Chelsea Sidecar – Beefeater gin, Cointreau, Lemon Juice (vg)

Gin Bramble – Bombay Saphire gin, Crème De Mure, lemon juice. (vg)

Caiprinia – Cachaca, limes, sugar (old Fashioned) (vg)

Mojito – Havana 3 YR rum, mint, lime, brown sugar (vg)

Flavours also available – Strawberry, Raspberry, Passionfruit (vg)

Basement Home Grown

House Party Mix 1.0 – Beefeater gin, Cointreau, Pimms, orange juice topped with lemonade (vg)

House Party Mix 2.0 – Jim Beam Red Stag bourbon, Martini Rosso, Southern Comfort vanilla topped with Pepsi

Banana Split – Liqour 43, Crème de Banana, lemon juice with a Grenadine drizzle (Old fashioned) (vg)

Modern Millennial (quick old fashioned) – Makers Mark bourbon, Bitters, brown sugar (Old Fashioned) (vg)

Southern Hospitality – Southern Comfort, Jack Daniels, orange & grapefruit juice (vg)

Raspberry Beret – Absolute Raspberry vodka, Pimms, apple & lime Juice (vg)

Jerry Smith – Sailor Jerry rum, Absolute Vanilla vodka, apple juice, topped with lemonade (vg)


All £9

Happy Hour £7.50

Aperol Spritz (vg)
Melonade Spritz (vg)
Elderflower Spritz (vg)
Cointreau Spritz (vg)


All £3.50

Liquid Cocaine – Jagermeister, Goldshlager (vg)

B52 – Kahlua, Baileys, Cointreau

Deez Nuts – Licor 43, Frangelico (vg)

Dirty Sanchez – Cazcabel Honey, Cazcabel Coffee

Bubble Gum – Crème de banana, Baileys, Blue Curacao

Rusty Trombone – Cacao, Baileys, Disaronno amaretto (vg)

Shark Attack – Cazcabel Blanco, Cherry Heering, Grenedine, Blue Curacao, Lemonade (vg)

Squashed Frog – Baileys, Midori, Grenadine

Sour Apple Smoothie – Apple Teichenne schnapps, Midori, Baileys

Jam Donut – Framboise, Cream, Sugar

Cherry Bomb – Old J Cherry, Apricot Brandy (vg)